My last post!

This is getting very real! We are very excited and anxious.

We arrived to Punta Arenas (Chile) two days ago. We had a chance to walk around in Punta. It is a beautiful small town in the south of the Chilenean Patagonia. Yesterday we meet with our guides and other South Pole explorers.

Today we spent the day doing our last shopping for gear (balaclavas, sunblocks, food, etc)

Satellite phones and computers were tested. It usually takes 40 minutes to upload a photo!

I have just sent to the plane my bag that I will carry during the trip (21 Kg, excluding tent, food and cooking system).

Tomorrow we leave from Punta Arenas airport to the Antarctica (Union Glacier). We are expecting to camp for one night and to leave to the South Pole on the next day.

This is my last post before starting my journey to the South Pole. I still cannot believe I will be skiing in the South Pole in a few days. It will be very hard, physically and mentally, but I have an amazing suporting team with me with lots of experience.

Thank you to everybody who supported me during my preparation for this trip. Special thanks to Sandra, Mateo and Sofia who inspired to me to train very hard. A mis padres, Sole, Fran, Gustavo, Lola, la abuela Isabel y la familia Bernabeo que me apoyaron desde el inicio desde Argentina. To all my friends at UHN and all over the word who were always for me supporting this initiative. To Stella who encouraged me to do this crazy thing and calmed me down when I wanted to give up. And a very special THANKS! to my patients and their families who are always my inspiration to work hard and the reason I am doing this trip.

I love you all. Please BEADONOR.CA


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On my way to the South Pole!

Thank you everybody for your support during my preparation for this adventure.

Happy New Year!!!

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Meet Dale

If anyone thinks having an organ transplant means being forced to take it easy for the rest of one’s life, don’t tell that to Dale Shippam.

Dale is getting ready to ski to the South Pole, the latest of a series of fundraising adventures he has participated in since undergoing the life-saving surgery nearly 13 years ago.

Dale is the reason we are going to the South Pole.

Have you thought of giving the gift of life to someone?

The team is training

 Dr. Diego Delgado
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